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School Wish List

The teachers and school are always in need of items. Items vary from big to small and are broken down by teacher/grade, specials and basic school needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about anything on the list. Thank you in advance for your support and continued support 

Early Childhood 3
Mrs. Roqueta


Early Childhood 4 - VPK
Mrs. McComb & Ms. Jodoin


Kindergarten - Mrs. Goodmok


1st Grade - Mrs. Grover



2nd Grade - Mrs. Misener


3rd Grade - Mrs. Franklin


4th Grade - Mrs. Suszek


5th Grade -Mrs. Graham

6th Grade - Mrs. Terman


7th Grade - Mr. DeNote


8th Grade - Mrs. Carter


Science Lab


Library/Media Center





Physical Education

School Needs

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