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Dress Code of Children


Dress your child in washable, sturdy, play clothes for school.  Messy art and creative activities are planned every day and your child will want to participate.  Unfortunately, we haven't yet invented an apron which covers every square inch of clothing, so be prepared for some extra washing!


Please wear only "tennis" or "school type" shoes.  No flip flops, dress shoes, jellies, cowboy boots or athletic cleats.  This is for your child's safety.


All children need an extra set of marked clothing left at school.  Please place this set of clothing in a plastic bag with the child's name on the outside for easy storage.


If your child is still in the potty training stage, please be sure to supply us with extra training pants.  Do not send your child in diapers or send extra diapers to school.  If your child is still wearing diapers during daytimes, chances are he/she is not ready for the potty training experience yet.  We expect wet pants occasionally and will treat any "accidents" as a learning experience and will help your child change into dry clothes.


Lost cloting is a problem most of us just can't afford.  Help us by clearly marking your child's name on jackets, sweaters, and any other article of clothing that has the potential for being lost.

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