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Personal Possessions

Possessions From Home

Toys from home are a child's link between home and school.  Children may want and need the security of something of their own in a school situation.  On these occasions, we will work with you and your child to make it a positive sharing experience.  Past experience has shown us that toys brought from home create many problems at school.  We have a wide variety of materials as well as many opportunities to work on sharing at school.  We encourage you to help your child understand that their toys should be left at home.  Toy guns, weapons, and other toys that encourage aggressive play are not welcome in our classrooms.  We are trying to build cooperation and concern for one another in our school.



Please label all toys, books, and choloting that is extra or removable with your child's name.  This is very important in determining ownership of these items.  It is also important in helping a child to learn to take care of his/her belongings.

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